Our History

Late Mr. K.B.Nowlay with a simple humble background rose to the pinnacle of glory by his sheer dedication, sincerity, positive and rational approach to life. The hazzles and hazards he faced in his life were innumerable. But he fought them like a true warrior in a battlefield as he knows that failures are the stepping-stones for success. These experiences enabled him to serve his country as a true patriot. Mr.K.B.Nowlay graduated from the Guindy Engineering College. His engineering and architectural skill helped him to serve his tenure in Public works Department in an excellent manner. He became a fellow of Charted Engineers Association and has many papers to his credit. He served as a valuer for many banks and property promoters. He was a doyen in the field of education. He valued our rich tradition and heritage and dwelled deeply into the realms of our great Upanishads and Vedas. His knowledge is immeasurable and impeccable. He was a voracious reader who believed that ‘food for ears is more important than food for stomach”.He was also a man of great leadership qualities aspiring high. * He motivated his fellow workers and his career is marked with a lot of achievements which adorns his name. He was conferred with the title 

SAMAJ BHUSHAN’ by AKHIL BHARATIYA KSHATRIYA MAHASABHA for his meritorious social work done for the upliftment of Maratha Kshatriya community.

To mention a few: Getting a land in Anna University Premises to build a block for the `Alumini Association” Forming “Bhaysar Kshatriya Samar and building Sri Panduranga Temple in Triplicane, Chennai.
He engraved his name in the history of `Nowlay family’ by establishing the Chhathrapathy Shivaji Educational and Cultural Society on 10th October 1975 along with the Srihan Maharastra Mandal ‘ and `Marathi Samaj’. He started Chathrapathy Shivaji D.A.V School in Kodambakkam following C.B.S.E pattern with Marathi as a third language. He has now become an ‘icon’ in the field of education. He worked and fought hard for the inclusion of Non-Bhramin Marathas’ in the Most Backward Community and his efforts became fruitful on 3.12.1999 when they were enlisted in the other Backward class.
His journey has now come to an end. His works in various fields are acknowledged and acclaimed by each and every erudite member of the society. He was a guide, mentor, and philosopher. It is now our duty to follow his footsteps and serve the society and nation with the same kind of devotion and sincerity and come out with flying colours in our efforts.