Principal's message

Dear Parents and students


Wishing you a very happy 2021! May we all be healthy and safe in the new year to come.

April 2020 certainly has been an unusual start to the school year, though a successful one. We are proud to see students and staff taking steps every day to keep each other safe and healthy. The sudden change of scenario from the traditional mode of learning and teaching to online mode of learning and teaching is amazing.

We are dedicated to help the students stay on track with their virtual classes and exams. It is our mission to see all our students do very well. Our teachers are with dedication maintaining and improving our students’ readiness for learning at home. In doing this, students are able to revise and refine their skills and the teachers have the opportunity to see how their students respond to the work they provide, and how communication can be improved. I am hopeful of a smooth and rewarding journey through till the end of this academic year.

We have learnt a lot during this pandemic. We have learnt to stay safe and sane .We have learnt to value time. We have learnt to value relationships and learnt to make adjustments and much more. I am really thankful to the parents who encourage us and support the decisions we make to manage the changes the pandemic has inflicted on us. I offer my gratitude to them for their faith in us.

I am thankful to the management of CSDAV for giving all of us an opportunity be serve the community.

Stay safe and God bless you all!

Smt. Bharati Kishore, Sr. Principal (M.Sc, M.Ed)